He is a Biochemist turned Information and Communication Technology consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He had been responsible in setting up of some of the most the important government Web sites, and Government networks in Sri Lanka from 1996 to 2001 which includes (Official Government Information Department Website), (Sri Lanka President’s Media Web site).

He was also the very first Web master of, the country portal for Sri Lanka. During this period he actively promoted Internet in Sri Lanka for which he had been recognized as an Internet Pioneer in 2015. From 2001 to 2010, He was involved in the development Unicode Sinhala where he played major role in the development in rendering and storage of Sinhala in Unicode. He was also involved in encoding of Sinhala numerals in Unicode after two year of extensive research. He has the distinct recognition as the last editor of Sri Lanka Standard (SLS) 1134 for input, rendering and storage in 2011 after it was initially carried out by Prof. Gihan Dias and the Local Language Working Group (LLWG) where he was also a member. He was responsible for setting up of Software Development Unit (SDU) of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) which was responsible for carrying out almost hundred Software Development projects which includes the development of tabulating and dissemination Software for Election Commission of Sri Lanka for Parliamentary and Presidential elections since 1998 to 2015, Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for Department of Police which had been recognized by Interpol as a unique project, Birth Marriage Death Issuance System of Registrar of Persons of Sri Lanka, University Selection Software and Registration System for University Grant Commission (UGC) and Agriculture Information Management System which was used for providing cash grants for Fertilizer subsidy directly to Bank accounts of 1.8 million farmers etc. He was also responsible for setting up of several networks which includes LAN/WAN of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Information, Institute of Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IBMBB) of University of Colombo, Veterinary Research Institute (VRI) of the Ministry of Livestock of Sri Lanka as well as for designing of JICA funded Multi-Media network of UCSC. He presently works as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer (COO/CTO) of Theekshana ( and was responsible for setting up of a startup Amsoft Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. ( which specializes in Internet of Things (IoT). He has been a member of board of Directors of LK Domain Registry of Sri Lanka form its inception and worked as a member of the initial board of directors of Lanka Gov. Infrastructure Interchange (LGII) under Information and Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka. He was the founding President of Internet Society of Sri Lanka (ISOC-LK), and had been appointed as ICT Consultant to the 5th Executive President of Sri Lanka from 2010 to 2015, and was the ICT consultant to Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) from January 2014 to December 2014. He presently function as Co-chair of Sinhala Generation Panel of ICANN and had been ICT consultant to several large companies such as American Group of Companies since 1998 ( ) where he fully automated the group by developing in house ERP to handle all functions. He was recently appointed as part time ICT consultant to Lanka Spice (Pvt.) Ltd. ( ) where he has begun to fully automate their processes as well and he has created like at American group of Companies a nascent ICT Department where in American the ICT Department subsequently evolved into a Company on its own right. ( )

Work Experience/positions held
June 2018- to date Buddhist Commissioner, Buddhist Right Commission appointed by All Ceylon Buddhist Congress (ACBC)
December 2017 -to date Co Char Sinhala Generation Panel of ICANN
November 2017 -to date ICT Consultant Lanka Spice (Pvt.) Ltd.
June 8 ,2015 Recognized as a ICT Pioneer by LK Domain Registry, ISOCLK and ICTA to mark 20 years of Internet in Sri Lanka
2007- to-date Director/CEO Amsoft Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.
1998- to-date ICT Consultant American Group of Companies
January 2014 – to- 31st December 2014 IT Consultant Telecommunications Regulatory
Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL)
December 2011 – to- February 2015 Director Lanka Gov. Infrastructure Interchange (LGII)  government company under ICTA
December 2010 – 9th January 2015 ICT Consultant to the Presidential Secretariat and ICT Consultant to the 5th Executive President of Sri Lanka
2004–to-date Director Board of Management .LK Domain Registry
2002– to – date Head Software Development Unit of University of Colombo School of Computing
2002– to – date Consultant University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)
2010 June – to – 2010 November Interim President of Internet Society (ISOC) Sri Lanka Chapter
2010 – to – date Project Lead Telecentre.Org Academy LMS Platform Hosting and Maintenance Project
2010 – to – date Member and Expert JTC1/IEC/SC2 WG2 committee of ISO
2005 – to – date Member ICTA Local Language Working Group (LLWG)
2006 – to – date Member Steering Committee of National eLearning Project
2009 – to – date Member Steering Committee of Academy of Sri Lanka
2002 – to – date Consultant, University of Colombo School of Computing
2009 – Member eAsia Organization Committee and Paper Commitee.
2009 – Track Chair eAsia 2009 for Telecentre track
2007–to-date Member Local Language Working Group (LLWG)
2004 – 2007 Member Steering Committee V-Village Project(IDRC)
2004 – 2010 Deputy Coordinator Pan Localization Project
2003 – 2010 Member Architecture Team Pan Localization Project(IDRC)
2005 – to Feb 2007 Consultant to RADA through University of Colombo School of Computing
2001– 2002 Consultant to Policy, Research and Information Unit of Presidential Secretariat
2004 – Member Technical Committee RTN –ICTA
1999 – 2001 Visiting Lecturer, Institute of Computer Technology, University of Colombo
May 2000 to 2003 Team Leader MIS project of the Department of External Resources of the Ministry of Finance
2000-to-date IT Consultant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Sri Lanka
1999 Dec –2001 Consultant Policy Research Information Unit of Presidential Secretariat, The Government of Sri Lanka
1996-1999 IT Consultant, Dept of Immigration & Emigration, Government of Sri Lanka
2000 to 2003 member Internet Committee CINTEC
1998 –2000 Web Master National Web site of Sri Lanka,
1997-1998 Acting System Administrator CINTEC
Member Core Group for Sinhala localization ICTA
Nov 2006 to March 2007 appointed as member of Security Review Team of Lak Gov Net (LGN)
Oct 2003 -2004 Consultant Government Printer through ICTA eSri Lanka Project
Member Standardization Committee of SLS 1134 for Unicode and committee on Unicode Compatible Sinhala Fonts.
Key duties
COO/CTO of Theekshana a UCSC company where I was involved in setting up of Theekshana. At present, Theekshana handles several large projects which are important in the fields of eGovernance and Higher Education
Head of the Software Development Unit of University of Colombo School of Computing.
Project Manager of some of the Software development and Networking projects which are undertaken by UCSC.
Networking consultant to Virtual Village Project funded by Canadian International Development Research Centre, joint project with Sarvodaya (2004 – 2007).

Deputy Co-ordinator Language Research Lab (PAN localization project funded by IDRC).

Network Administrator for BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology) network.
As COO /CTO of Theekshana, I’m involved in nHemis (National Higher Education Information Management System) where I function as Chief Technology Officer.
Name of Assignment: Automation of University Grant Commission Selection Process; Year 2010

Theekshana has been awarded a contract to automate the University Grant Commission (UGC) selection process and the project is in the last stages. A rule based database has been developed at present using MS SQL Server 2008 and PHP.


Name of Assignment: Encoding of Sinhala numerals in ISO 10646

I represented Sri Lanka JTC1/IEC/ SC2 57th WG2 meeting of ISO. Sri Lanka has changed its status from Observer status to Participant status from 2010 onwards. And I have been appointed as Expert and Member representing Sri Lanka and successfully defended Sinhala numerals at WG2 meeting and it was unanimously decided to amend the ISO 10646 and Unicode to include Sinhala numerals in BMP and SMP of the Unicode.


Name of Assignment: Hosting and Maintaining of LMS for Academy

In June 2010, Theekshana was awarded contract to host and maintain Learning Management System for Academy. I was appointed as the Project lead of the project and organized a successful training program for Participants from five countries on LMS: India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will spearhead GUI translation of LMS and will help other countries translating initial 12 courses. I was one of main authors of 12 courses which have been released recently.


Name of Assignment: Research on Archaic Sinhala Numerals; Year 2007 – 2009
       I was awarded a research project into carrying out preliminary research into Archaic Sinhala numerals by the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). At present, I’ve finalized the study and presented results to Local Language Working Group. Findings of this research was published and presented at recently concluded National Archaeological Symposium on 18th of July 2009. This work has been published as a book. The title of book is “Numerations on the Sinhala Language”


Name of Assignment: Introduction to eLearning to Royal University of Bhutan; Year November 2009 – To- date
As COO/CTO of Theekshana, I became a member     recently concluded study for the introduction of eLearning to Bhutan. This is one of the largest International Project which had been awarded to Theekshana. The Team is headed by Dr. K.P. Hewagamage, Head  E-Learning Centre, UCSC.

Name of Assignment: Presidential and Parliamentary Elections for the Government of Sri Lanka.

Year : 1998 – 2010

Description of Project: UCSC and it s predecessors have been involved in Elections from 1982 onwards. My involvement had been since 1998. I initially involved in developing WEB based applications for results delivery but later I was given task of developing a secure Intranet which linked up 7 media institutions with the office of the Election Commissioner. In 2004, I lead the development team of application becoming chief architect of application as well as Network team of the UCSC.

Client : Commissioner of Election

Activities performed:

  • Designed and Implemented secure Intranet of Election commissioner
  • Designed applications for processing of Election in 2004 using MSSQL server, Visual Basic 6
  • Designed Ruavahini Applications web based using html and MS VB6
  • Designed the database of the Election processing applications
Name of Assignment: Document Management System for the Government of Sri Lanka

Year: August 2007 to date
Description: The very first project which was awarded to Theekshana, company of UCSC. My research led to a development of an application which can be easily customizable by the user for addition of attributes and workflow steps without contacting developers. The system allows also amalgamating data through Lak Gov Netv(LGN), the government of Network Sri Lanka.

  • The application has been developed to capture Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate throughout Sri Lanka, and it has been first implemented in Puttlam Divisional Secretariat.
  • Using this application, Birth Certificates can be issued in 2 minutes
  • In the process of designing Data encryption for Government
  • The system has been developed to issue copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates from anywhere in the country.


MySQL is used Relational Database Management System

    • and C# client based applications
    • For Linux as well as Mac, PHP and JAVA based applications were developed.
Name of Assignment: Overall computerization of Passenger Transport Authority of the Western Province
Year: Latter part of 2006 – to Date
Status: On-going
Description: Under my leadership, Transport Authority of Western Provincial Council is being automated. Some of the applications are developed:
  • Route Permit Issuance system (already implemented)
  • Human resource and salary System (in Beta)
  • Overall accounting System (being developed)
  • Project Management System (implemented)
  • Inventory Management System (being developed)
  • Seven offices are being network at present

Name of Assignment: Development of Workflow System for Julius and Creasy
Year: November 2005 to 2006
Client Julius and Creasy
Position: Team Leader and Consultant
This is one of the very first large contracts awarded to UCSC from a private party to build series of software.  At present, workflow of the patent and Trademark application division of Julius & Creasy is being computerized building an MIS and auditing system. The development phase of the application has ended and at present, it is in the deployment phase. In this project, UCSC has built an Intranet for clients of Julius & Creasy where their International clients can check their statuses through the web. In this application, Microsoft Technology is combined with Open Source is used. PHP web based application talks to MS SQL SERVER 2000 through TDS drivers. There are three major applications for Registration, Document processing and finally monitoring. The MIS produces almost all of the documents which will be filed with Registrar of Companies. Since this process takes a fairly longer time, user profiles can be set with monitoring. Reminders are sent automatically through email and alarms can be set in various stages of process through user profiles.


Name of Assignment: Designed and implemented the WAN/LAN network of the Kothmale Internet Community Project, which had won several awards for bridging the gap of the digital divide.
Year : Dec 1998 – Jan 2000  
Location : Kothmale
Position Held: Head of technical team from Institute of Computer Technology

Activities Performed:
     .  Bringing Internet to the Rural Communities
.  Connects to the rest of the Internet through 2mbps RF link from
which 64 kbps dedicated link has been provided to the station
.   Created the initial web site for the Kothmale Community
Internet project ( Which at the inception
became the largest web site with local content (it has not been

updated recently).

Name of Assignment : Network for the office of BIT, University of Colombo
Year : 2001
Location : Colombo
Activities Performed:
Designed and implemented WAN/LAN of BIT office
Connects to Internet through 64kbps dedicated link and
  between UOC and BIT office with Point to Point 64kbps
dedicated link
. Setup WEB/EMAIL/DNS servers BIT link
Led the team, which developed e-learning site of the BIT
Name of Assignment : Consultancy for setting up network  and Intranet at Veterinary Research Institute of the Ministry of Livestock.
Year :   November 2004  to November 2005
Location : Gannoruwa Kandy Sri Lanka
Client : Ministry of Livestock
Position Held: Team Leader and Consultant
Activities Performed :Designed and implemented the Fibre network of the VRI.
  • Prepared ICT requirements of the Ministry of Livestock.
  • Designed and Intranet of Government Veterinary Surgeons by linking up several VICs in the districts (first to link up was Welisera) by using IP/VPN (being implemented).
  • Prepared detailed specifications for Hardware and Software.
  • Technical evaluation of bids submitted by vendors
  • Designed Web site of the VRI and the Intranet (being developed) using DHTML, PHP,
  • Configured routers, Servers (LINUX and MICROSOFT platforms), firewalls and Proxies.
  • Designed the database of MIS using MSSQL server and some parts of design is being transported to MySQL.

Name of Assignment : The network of the Government Information Department
Year :2005 to up-to-date
Location : Colombo
Client :  The department of Information of the Government of Sri Lanka
Position Held: IT consultant
Activities Performed :Designed and implemented Fibre Network

  • Design and network security being implemented.
  • Configured Server (LINUX based) and firewalls (using IPTABLES) being configured.
  • Prepared specifications and technical evaluation of bidders.
  • Helped to modernize based upon the work done on Mambo by Software Development Unit of UCSC.
  • Helped to implement Unicode Mambo Sinhala and Tamil site on
  • Developed Point of sale (POS) for publication bureau and Inventory System for the Government Publication.

Name of Assignment: Consultancy for setting up network and IP/VPN as well as WEB, MAIL, DNS and Intranet for Western Provincial Council. In addition, UCSC is in the process of developing Software for monitoring Project for Western Provincial Council. I’m in the process of introducing Web Mail in Unicode Sinhala as well as in Tamil.
Year:   Network January 2006 to July 2006; Software Project July 2006  is in the development stage.
Location : Shrawasti, Western Provincial Council
Client : Western Provincial Council
Position Held: Team Leader and Consultant
Activities Performed :

  1. Designed and implemented Fibre Network
  2. Design and Implemented Network Security
  3. Configured Server (LINUX based) and firewalls (using IPTABLES).
  4. Set up MAIL (MTA POSTFIX, MAILSCANNER, SPAMASSASSIGN for spam control, CLAMAV for Virus)
  5. DNS and WEB SERVER.
  6. Prepared specifications and technical evaluation of bidders.
  7. Intranet was developed with Mambo
  8. In the process of developing two pieces of software for the Western provincial Council. One of the major applications which is in the process of developing is the project monitoring system for Western Provincial Council which will be connected GIS ( at present, I have planned to work with Open source Grass).

Note: the majority of application will be in Unicode Sinhala and all most all of the mail traffic at present at the Western Provincial Council is in Sinhala and Tamil. I introduced Unicode Sinhala for mail delivery at the Western Provincial Council.

Name of Assignment:  Consultancy for building two pieces of software for the Ministry of Health for the Western Provincial council. A landmark Software is in the process of building is at present by UCSC to monitor the flow of pharmaceuticals in the Western Provincial Council. UCSC is in the process of building a Medical Admission System for Hospitals of the Western Provincial Council as well.
Year: July 2007 – to-date
Client: Western Provincial Council
Position Held: Team Leader and Consultant
 Name of Assignment: Technology Provider for Human Rights Consortium funded by Asia Foundation. Software Development Unit has been providing technical Assistance to Human rights Consortium since 2005. As a result of this relationship, the SDU of UCSC has developed a special tools and software for capture and analysis of Human Right Data. In addition, an Intranet has been designed by UCSC for Human Right Consortium.
Year: August 2005 – to-2008
Client: Asia Foundation
Position: Team Leader and overall ICT consultant
.Activities Performed:

  • Recovery of Data for Asia Foundation by recovering passwords for Linux Systems as well as Postgres Database
  • Trained Human Right Consortium Staff in Database Handling
  • Designed and implemented the network for Human Right Consortium
  • SQL scripts were designed for analysis
  • Designed and implemented a new Software Human Right Data and it will be released internationally as a product ( This product was implemented in six weeks)
  • Developed algorithms for Record Linkage with International Experts.

Name of Assignment : The network and Web Site of the Policy Research Information Unit of the Presidential Secretariat
Year: 1999
Client: Presidential Secretariat
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Activities Performed

  • Designed and Implemented WAN/LAN of PRIU
  • Designed and helped them to develop
  • Designed and implemented secure network.


Name of Assignment : Consultant to Water board on “Enterprise Wide IT Solution” for National Water Supply and Drainage Board

NWSDB had awarded a contract for Rs: 300 Million for IT solution encompassing whole Information and Communication sector of  Water board. The contract is awarded to CoOption of Hydrabad India. I act as the consultant to overall project  through UCSC and the following duties are performed:

Acts as external reviewer of overall project

  • verification of deliverables of project
  • verification of network designs
  • verification of System study as well technology appraisal.

I was the consultant to the following clients, Rupavahini, ITN (Major Television networks in the Country), Sri Lankan Air Lines, The Prime Minister’s office of Sri Lanka, Plantation Development Trust (IP/VPN network of the PHDT is  one of the vary first Intranets in the Plantation Sector in Sri Lanka) through UCSC. I have acted as a consultant to Immigration and Emigration, Criminal Investigation Unit of Sri Lankan Police. I’m one of the pioneers in introducing Digital Forensics in Sri Lanka. At present, I’m in the process of capacity building of Criminal Investigation Department with ICTA.

I’m the president of Internet Society Sri Lanka chapter. I’m in the process of chapter formation and it has gone through due diligence process.

Involved in formation and capacity building of Telecentres since 1996 in Sri Lanka under the leadership of the late Prof. V. K. Samaranayake, former director and founder of UCSC. I provided technical know-how to Sarvodaya to set-up their first Telecentres. Later I was involved in setting up of Kothmale Internet Project as well as other telecentres nationwide. I’m at present, coordinating the efforts of the formation of Academy of Sri Lanka at UCSC.

Consultant to overhaul the Farmers Pension and NGO secretariat. Farmers’ Pension project has just begun and the other is in near implementation stage.

Under the guidance of Prof. V. K. Samaranayake, I formed the present Software Development Unit of UCSC which has grown from mere 3 developers to more than 20 hardcore developers. Since 2003, SDU plays a major role in the Government Computerization in Sri Lanka.

I conducted lectures in Database Design & Management using MSSQL, Visual Basic, Web    programming using ASP,PHP, JSP at the Institute of Computer Technology, University of Colombo. I was also the course coordinator of Rapid Application Development for BIT and I developed the main syllabus for RAD I was also a resource person for Third Country Technical Corporation conducted by the Sri Lankan Government with the technical Corporation by Government of Japan between 1998 – 2004 and had played a major role of DIAMN, third country for Network training for the region.
I’m conversant with LINUX,and other UNIX flavours and Windows flavours including Windows2000 server family. I configure CISCO routers, Some of protocol used are RIP, OSPF etc
I’m very conversant in DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server 7,2000, 2005, Oracle , MySQl and Postgres. I have developed various applications for major Database Management Systems.
I was involved in the development of Unicode Sinhala fonts and Keyboard and I have been a member of Language Committee which had been set up by ICTA to deal with Unicode Standards as a pioneer in Sinhala Unicode research. The SDU under my leadership developed and I have played a major role in understanding of how to develop Unicode Sinhala Fonts. I have developed two Unicode Sinhala fonts one of which has been already released and the other to be released in the public domain. I was on the standardization committee for SLS 1134.
The majority of my work at present is centred in two aspects: ad hoc networking using wireless technologies, and Technology transfer to rural communities. Through Virtual Village project, I experimented with 802.11b and g, as to how wireless technologies could be used effectively for local conditions. Some of the work is published.
I have carried out extensively research into Software Engineering using RAD and Methodology. As a result. Software Development Unit has produced Application Development Framework which is at present in Beta.
Since I’m a trained Biochemist, recently I had been involved with Bioinformatics. During my spare time, I have been working with Institute of Molecular Biology of University of Colombo in Bioinformatics.
“Numerations in the Sinhala Language”published on 23rd of November 2009. Published by ICTA ISBN: 978-955-1199-05-0

For more info…..

Numerations in the Sinhala Language
“Guide to Creating Sinhala and Tamil Unicode” This book guide you to create your own Unicode Font from Sinhala and Tamil
Scientific paper Publications:
I have several publications at International conferences in Sri Lanka and abroad including INET. Some of the papers are listed below:
Advantages as well as technical and logical issues in database applications when data is stored in Sinhala and Tamil Unicode, Conference on Localized Systems and Applications 2010, held in September 2010.
Sinhala Numerals; SOSAA3rd-International Congress Universityof Kelaniya
Archaic Numerals in the Sinhala Language – National Archaeology Symposium, July 2009.
Implementation of Internet Domain Names in Sinhala, Asanka Wasala, Chamila Liyanage, Harsha Wijayawardhana and Ruvan Weerasinghe, 2008.
  • The Status of Information and Communication Technologies     in Sri Lanka with special reference to the Networked World
  • Benefits of Sri Lankan Rural Communities: a Sri Lankan initiative  Based on inexpensive solutions
  • Implementation of Internet technologies for rural communities in The third world: Kothmale Community Internet  Radio Project
Virtual Village Project : Last mile connectivity options for Rural Telecentres in Sri Lanka (
(This was published by Virtual Village project as a Research Publication) Noise at Last Mile published by Fusion of Sarvodaya
The status of Open Source in Sri Lanka, AOSS, Hanoi, Vietnam
Sri Lankan Experiences in Government Computerization using Collaborative Model, eAsia 2007 KL, Malaysia
Submitted Proposal
Proposal to Encode Sinhala numerals and Numbers, 57th WG2 meeting Buson Korea, Document Number N3888 October 2010.
Concept paper on eVisa submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Sri Lanka