e-Swabhimani 'Special Mention' for www.news.lk

The Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka (www.news.lk) was awarded  the e-Swabhimani Special Mention  under e-Government & Institutions category. The first ever National Best e-Content Award ceremony conducted by the Information and Communication Agency of Sri Lanka..
e-Swabhimani 2009, attracted nearly 150 applications from all parts of the country. The Grand Jury evaluation of e-Swabhimani 2009 was successfully completed on November 06.

National Best e-Content Award (NBe-CA) is a Local initiative for selecting and giving national level recognition to a best e-content and applications developed in Sri Lanka.

This event  was the brainchild of the  Information and Communication Agency of Sri Lanka.

These awards were given under several categories. Categories of National Best e-Content Contest are e-Government & Institutions, e-Health & Environment, e-Learning & Education, e-Entertainment & Games, e-Culture & Heritage, e-Science & Technology, e-Business & Commerce and e-Inclusion & Participation.